Haworth Digital Knits Video
Art direction, project management
Haworth invested in digital knitting technology, and had an opportunity to show expertise in being the first to bring it to the commercial interiors industry.
I worked with the marketing team for the strategy of the campaign, as well as the deliverables which included a video, emails, landing page, social media ads, and a social media kit for dealers.
The goal was to tell the bigger story of knitting—and what it means to Haworth customers—while demonstrating how Haworth is an innovative leader in the industry, bringing this technology from fashion to furniture. Haworth brings together material scientists, engineers, finishing experts and industrial designers to collaborate on knit technology.
Moodboard - part of a larger presentation and conversation with Chop and Hue (video agency)
As the lead Art Director for the Knit video, I worked with Chop and Hue on the concept for this video as well as planning the shoots. I also gave direction for the voice over talent, editing notes and project managing on the Haworth side. 

The result is an emotive story around knits and knitting, sparking people’s imagination and generating energy for the possibilities with knit.
Facebook 20 second version


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